- SLP Coating to power Houses/Buildings
- SLP Coating powering E-Transportation
- SLP Coating to power Glass
- SLP Coating power Fabrics
- SLP Coating to power Electronics

Our first supported efforts will be providing our SLP through licensees dedicated to homes, buildings materials and E-transportation. 

We have and hire the best minds in science and technology to advance renewable energy and life support solutions for humanity. 


our team

MQ is most interested in you and how our SLP and nanomolecular based work will power and provide application solutions worldwide. Contact Us! 






Now and Future

- Industry applications

- Commercial application
- Civil engineering applications
- Aerospace Applications
- Defense Applications

MQ is not a typical company promoting typical solutions. Our mission is to advance, right now, through a platform of electrochemistry, Nanoscience, organic and inorganic chemistry and material sciences, needed and necessary solutions for humanity, everywhere. 

Whether it’s our affordable Solar Liquid Power advancement changing the face of every city by creating collaborative power options, or our working leap in advancing power storage options never before imagined, or the way we create opportunity for people to prosper by job creation. MQ's mission remains the same, to service all people. 

Contact us as we arrive highly advanced technologies into realities, here and now, using extraordinary sciences at the nano molecular level, where all life and energy exists. Welcome to the bold new state of science and technology. 


Licensing our Solar Liquid Power (SLP) is our business model for all manufactures and application developers across all industries.

Molecular Quartermasters? What does this really mean..

The "quartermaster" in most organized forces worldwide provide the ways and means in food, clothing, shelter, and provisioning more resources for individual life support. MQ is dedicated to serving humanity and its needs by delivering dynamic advances in nanoscience, like our Solar Liquid Power (SLP), which provides options in renewable energy to positively effect all basic life support needs here on earth as well as in space. 


[London UK  and California USA]

MOLECULAR Quartermasters

empowering humanity through nanoscience