Industries Served

Interstellar exploration, including Space bases, need to meet the evolving generational needs of human exploration. Whether in space or on Earth, mankind requires robust, affordable renewable energy solutions. 

MQ is fortunate to have brought together a group of well trained scientists, neuro-scientists, various types of engineers, mathematicians, material experts, nano-scientists , electro-chemistry, inorganic and organic chemists, molecular scientists, psychologists, artists and designers. A true observer/innovator environment of consensus driven collaborators, dedicated the last 15 years of their lives to advance renewable energy science and engineering like no one else. MQ is not a one-off company, it is grounded in actionable consensus thinking as “technological quartermasters”. Our renewable energy solutions can be deployed and incorporated into every single Industry, no matter where that might be required.

The future of our planet and its people requires us to foster fringe thinking. With observation and thought we can create significant leaps and advances in science and technology whilst focusing on business sustainability, margin and in truly realized efficiency and affordability models for all.

Welcome to Molecular Quartermasters

  • Transport – Cars, Lorries, Airships, Planes, Trains, Ships
  • Buildings – Homes, Offices, Factories, Production Centres, Roofing, Windows
  • Agriculture – Hydroponics, Sustainable Farming
  • Emergency Power – Disaster Relief, Tents, Food Production Pods, Water Filtration
  • Space – Solar Sails, Bases