In 1957 Dr Richard Feynman and many others since then have, like Dr Smalley who before he died in 2008 directed us into Nanoscience, considered that all life and energy sit within the smallest means - Subatomic particles. Our company is formed and formulated to master molecular design within these smallest of particle and stability form factors. Our humble (very small) solutions will positively effect and advance every aspect of every industry.  Wonderful solutions do exist at the very bottom!  

We look forward to our production establishment efforts and our planned work around the world, first in sustainability communities and also in E-Transportation. Our first clients will become our long term customers time and time again, choosing us for all their renewable energy needs and our advanced innovations.

Our Promise to You

We’re committed to mastering and advancing nanoscience and nanotechnology to "solutions serve" humankind for the next 150 years.


Our people are highly skilled and have years of experience is some of the most fascinating subjects and sciences. We call our work "collaborative consensus driven solutions science (C2DS2)" . We combine physics, chemistry, nanoscience and nanotechnology, biomimicry, bioengineering, intelligent molecular design, material sciences and various fusion technologies as our advanced liquid platform. 

our missioN

We (MQ) promise to always provide high value, high quality and outstanding service for all our work, regardless of the difficulty.

We arrive to our work in daily anticipation of meeting very demanding needs all over our planet. Oil spills at sea, radioactive fall out from nuclear power plant accidents, diminishing fossil fuel reserves, new energy and power storage options..and the list goes on. Our  molecular based liquids and programmable nanoparticles are designed to meet and far exceed the needs. This is the future, and its ready now!


[London UK  and California USA]

Why Us

We Build Molecular Solutions


  business for the next 150 years

We want to be the primer nanoscience and technology developer in renewable energy and its variations to support the needs of humanity on earth as well as its pursuit in Space.

MQ through its molecular innovations will forever alter the technology and business operations paradigm in how renewable energy, using the sun, is developed, produced and priced to the world. This will become the new archetype for decades to come.!

We have created and will sell through license a unique product, developed using established applied molecular NanoScience and ElectroChemistry means to leap over the existing barriers known to exist in microelectronics to now produce a new renewable energy source as a designed molecular structure, bonded and fused, and delivered as Liquid power. A new renewable energy source deployed as an incorporable power producing liquid into most applications and accross most industries like no other renewable energy product in existence.  


Molecular Solutioneering

why choose us

We are professional engineers, scientists, chemists, physicists, Xmilitary, material specialists, aerospace mathematicians and microbiologists. All dedicated and disciplined masters with decades of successes and Military service to advance extraordinary solutions to meet extraordinary needs where failure is not an option.

Like the Coca Cola Company we too are a liquids producer with an expected long term operation over these next 150 years also. The only difference is that our "cola" is renewable liquid power and its variations, mastered and produced through the use of nanoscience and electrochemistry then made available for bulk licensing around the world.

For most people, our work is demanding and highly disciplined. Advancing the mastery of relatively new sciences is not simple, but the end game of providing affordable options to most people and most applications worldwide is our reward. This is our mission!