SOLAR LIQUID POWER (SLP) is The New Renewable Energy 


We Deliver Global Renewable Energy


Renewable Energy Provided by the Sun Delivered as Liquid Electricity

SLP produces over 200% more energy than Solar Panel technology at 1/3 the price. As a liquid technical coating, the product adsorbs more light from all directions across a longer time period, thus promoting more power for longer times.

On December 6, 2015 Solar Liquid Power (SLP) was sent into Space aboard a Cyngus OrbAtk rocket to dock with the International Space Station (ISS) for further testing. The testing was specific to microgravity and low earth radiation conditions. NASA, Quest Systems and Nanoracks Inc bestowed awards based upon the products performance and the team’s expert work.

SLP has also gone through 3rd party testing by NASA, with amazing results and feedback

One of our team members is Boris Petrovic. He is the founder of the Nikola Tesla Institute in Brazil. Also, he is a direct descendent of Nikola Tesla.

Our Team

We will collaborate, produce and deliver our work product from our production center to be located in the beautiful State of New Mexico.

Our Philosophy

Our long term experienced and validated abilities are in Nano Science, Electrochemistry, Molecular Science, Electrical Engineering and advanced Chemistries, arriving SLP over a dedicated 15 year period. We are the only company in the world who holds this distinction and can produce this advanced renewable energy liquid, as its single-source supplier to licensees, globally. This inclusion will surely be advancing all qualifying manufacturers and application developers customer bases worldwide.